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I originally started motorbiking in 2015 when I bought my first motorcycle, a Suzuki Marauder 125 which I used to commute to Law School on a daily basis. In 2019 and I took my DAS and went on to buy a second-hand SV650 N which I'm now in the process of modifying.

I enjoy spending my spare time blogging, building websites and making videos for my Youtube channel.

If you're interested in collaborating with me on a project, click check out my social media accounts to learn more.

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Bought my first motorcyle, a Suzuki Marauder 125cc
Started a motorcycle Pinterest and hit 21.7k monthly views
Became the UK’s Most Followed Law Student

Passed my DAS and purchased a Suzuki SV650
Started a motorcycle Instagram page and hit 15,000 followers

Started creating Youtube videos and hit 1,5000 followers

6 Collaborations
15,000 Instagram Followers
1,500 Youtube Followers
2,000 Monthly views
21,700 Pinterest Monthly Views,

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